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We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on 25th June 2016 with a buffet and refreshments every day for the whole week! We wanted to ensure that past and present trainees, volunteers, customers and other supporters had a chance to come along and enjoy the celebration. We have had continued support from volunteers and organisations over the last 5 years. These include HSBC, Health and Social Care (Edinburgh City Council), Intowork, First Port, Edinburgh College and Borders College and of-course the Skills Path team.

I would like to thank the people who have supported ATE throughout the last 5 years:

• Darren and Carroll from HSBC who have helped with donations, our graduation and volunteer days

• James Duncan from Intowork/Project Search who helped set up the website/logo, e-bay, I.T expertise and supported and assessed trainees in the shop

• Ronnie Grocock who supported the shop from day one, helping set the shop up, training/assessing trainees, collecting stock,involving ATE in the faashion show and Christmas Fairs and supporting weekly football sessions

• Gill Smith, Bill Ewen and Jane Gillespie from Health and Social Care who gave me the key contacts for setting up ATE and supported our project from the onset.

• Noel Guy from Skills Path who has been part of ATE for the whole 5 years training, assessing and moving trainees on, for his computer, retail, networking skills and his sense of humour

I would like to give a special thank you to:

• Michael Stubbings from Skills Path who helped get the project off the ground, helped with funding applications, staff support in the shop, stock collections, storage, printing leaflets and knowledge/skills in the social care field.